What is Title Insurance?
that is what we hear
from others about
buying a house...

Real estate transactions can be exciting, difficult,
frustrating, and a happy experience - all at the
same time! We understand the stresses involved
in closing a transaction.

There are many reasons to use Meridian Abstract
& Title Company for your Title Insurance Needs,
just to name a few: First, we try to make the
transaction easy - just look at The Closing
Process button on the right - it gives you an idea
of the process that must take place to close the
Next, the services offered in our title company are
second to none; our service doesn't stop just because
the transaction is closed. We keep on giving wonderful
customer service even after everything is completed!
Third, we realize that
you have the right to choose your
title company - you are not required to use one chosen
by your lender or anyone else. We understand the
priviledge that being chosen by a customer represents
and we strive to make your closing experience a
pleasant (and accurate!) one. Thank you in advance for
the opportunity to earn your business!
Meridian Abstract & Title Company
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